The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line

If you haven’t seen it already here’s my entry for the Filth film poster competition at Talenthouse last week. My illustration is based upon the Brunswick Star recognisable on the police custodian helmet, with a twist, it’s created from key elements from DS Bruce Robertson‘s life including items of police equipment as well as alcohol and drugs paraphernalia.

This contest has undoubtedly sparked a wealth creativity from a variety of designers. Disappointingly as their ‘public’ voting system is built upon the gathering of votes via the entrant’s own social feeds it appears to be hugely biased towards entries from designers with greater social media followings than others. This method is obviously great for the Talenthouse publicity team but judging by the ridiculously poor entries gaining the most votes it’s no good for the great artwork that gets overlooked as you can see from these examples!

Entry by Diego Valdez Entry by Richard Davies Entry by Mirco Zett Entry by Anton Burmistrov
359 Votes 45 Votes 8 Votes 5 Votes

I’ve found many blog posts speaking out about this issue so if Talenthouse want their future design competitions taken seriously then someone really needs to re-evaluate how voting takes place in order to give good work a chance. Rant over.