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Supporting Artistes – Casting Photos

These short photographic sessions are intended for background film extras, supporting artistes and walk-ons. The professional casting images provided are suitable for registration with background casting agencies and online casting directories. They are supplied licence-free meaning they can be used with no copyright issues. The 30-minute high-key studio shoot can cover:
  • ¾-Length Body Shots or Full-Length (upon request)
  • Extra Outfits / Smart Outfits / Costumes / Uniform Shots
  • Headshots

I am one of the most experienced photographers in this field, having been shooting extras and walk-ons for over a decade, so rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands! Please do not hesitate to contact me to book a session or to discuss any special requirements you may have.

The professional images you will be provided are suitable for registration with the leading casting agencies including; The Casting CollectiveMad Dog CastingRay Knight Casting and 2020 Casting and online platforms and directories such as Casting Call ProSpotlightStarNowTotal Talent and We Got POP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Casting photos are simply images used for casting purposes. In the acting world this generally consists of only headshots but within the background industry ¾-length body shots are also required as standard.

These shots should be a clear representation of your natural appearance, anything else would be counter-intuitive. With a few character-specific exceptions, you  ideally want the production to see you as the blank canvas they can easily shape to their casting requirements.

The 30-minute shoot will take place in a high-key studio setting in West London.

For the purposes of these sessions, high-key is a style of bright, even lighting against a pure white background. This type of lighting helps create the clean kind of image required by this sector of the casting industry.

A casual, a smart-casual and a smart outfit or office-wear tends to cover most bases for casting purposes. It is also wise to try and not wear too much block black or white.

You can bring as many outfits, costumes and uniforms as you like. However, be sure to remember that all the changes must take place within your allocated 30-minute slot.

The total depends on a few factors but you can expect 50-250 images.

The high-resolution images for web will be made available via secure download within approximately 2-4 days. High-resolution images for print can also be made available upon request.

The intended use of these images by your casting agencies need you to look as natural and relaxed as possible. Fashion and modelling poses are generally not recommended for their purposes. Worry not, I shall direct you into simple and effective poses depending on your appearance and chosen outfit in order to get the right images.

Yes, the images are supplied licence-free which means they may be used for all your agencies and casting directories.

Yes, professional cosmetic retouch can be arranged for selected images at a rate of £15 per image.

For casting purposes your portrait should always look like you. With this in mind, cosmetic retouch is purely intended to freshen up the face by brightening the eyes and cleaning up any blemishes and stray hairs to make you look your best. The level of retouching required can be requested, however it is wise to keep it light to keep you looking natural as possible.

Retouch Example

All you need to do is contact me with the name of the image/s that you would like freshened up. Payment can be made easily via PayPal by clicking here.

Recent Shoots


I was nervous and new to the business and Chuck managed to take a relaxed photograph which was followed with being booked for work! Thank you.

Silvana Desira, Supporting Artiste

Chuck makes people relax immediately – which immediately makes for better, relaxed photos!

Stella Mannion, Supporting Artiste

Chuck even made ME look good! Now that is TALENT!

Peter El Barone Theobalds, Walk-On

Chuck took my photographs for the agencies and I got more work offers then I could possibly take. He is a great photographer.

Morne Botes, Walk-On

You took a portrait of me for one of the filming agencies. It was amazingly good and I also used it on my Spotlight profile. You are a very talented photographer.

Joanna Abbott, Walk-On

I can thoroughly recommend Chuck’s work having used him for years. I am always satisfied with his results. He is a solid professional.

Terry Marshall, Walk-On

Chuck is friendly, helpful, efficient and quick with good lighting skills to bring out the best in any subject.

David Pearce, Supporting Artiste

Very pleased with the photographs, makes even me look good!

William Jones, Supporting Artiste

I landed up getting a great deal of work as a result of the images as you really captured me in a way that was both flattering and natural, bringing out the best in me. I felt the most confident with you and it shows in the photographs, thank you so much.

Rebecca Harris, Supporting Artiste

Thanks for the recent photographs, excellent quality as expected.

Chris Barclay, Supporting Artiste

Chuck takes great headshots! He is quick, friendly and efficient… and his results are excellent.

David Bailey, Supporting Artiste

I was very impressed with your work – it’s the first time I’ve ever had shots done and was very pleased. Thank you again!

Rachel Hayes, Supporting Artiste

I would personally recommend Chuck to every film extra that I know to have their photo taken for their portfolios.

David Warren, Supporting Artiste

Great professional approach! Great work!

Plamen Bonev, Walk-On

I’m not usually that great at having my photo taken, but you made the process easy. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and that came through in the pictures.

Scott Bowden, Supporting Artiste

Pretty sure the work I have recently been booked on was as a result your super shots.

Neil Findlater, Supporting Artiste

I’m very pleased with the photos you took of me, especially the headshots, they show the real character of my face.

Denis Murray, Supporting Artiste

I was very pleased with my photographs, very professional and helped me get into film extra work.

Lesley Neale, Supporting Artiste

I belong to several agencies so am used to having my photo taken but I was quite taken aback by how beautiful the pictures looked. People should book you!

Felicity Lamb, Supporting Artiste

I was delighted with the photographs Chuck did for me. These resulted in photographic, film and television bookings on many major productions. A no-fuss great straightforward guy with an eye for detail, and a passion for his work, models and clients.

Bart Barton, Walk-On