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After last week's whistle-stop schedule filming in Manchester, Wigan, Skemersdale and Ormskirk it made a welcome change to shoot the pretty Balloonatic girls in a colourful sea of balloons!

City Futures

Clear blue skies over the futuristic architecture in this little section of The Square Mile certainly lend themselves towards creating a science-fiction-esque feel don't they!

The C305 Crossrail Project

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday than donning some PPE and heading 37 metres down under the streets of East London! Here's a preview of the Crossrail Project tunnel construction at Bow Creek.‪

St Clement’s Asylum

While en route to a studio shoot in the heart of East London I spotted that demolition of this disused asylum appeared imminent. Unfortunately by the time my fellow snapper and I got there and managed to gain relatively safe access, work had already begun. [...]

The Classic Car Boot Sale

Even though the sun decided not to make the slightest appearance the allure of classic chrome, swing music and all things vintage was too good to miss at the weekend! Check out The Classic Car Boot Sale to stay updated with details of their [...]

The Barbican Estate

Until recently I had always viewed Barbican’s brutalist architecture as a vast concrete eyesore only good as the setting for a low-budget zombie flick. That was before I spent a week shooting there and provided with a special key! Well, not that special as [...]

Photography is not a crime!

It’s been a while but got stopped by a security guard whilst taking a couple of shots of St Paul’s a few days ago. Having appeased him I found myself being followed surreptitiously by three more. I realise that these automatons are blindly following instruction [...]

Looking upwards!

A full six minutes early for a location recce in the city and no-one else has arrived. Plenty of great reflections round this neck of the woods.. so what better way to pass the time than to have a little look upwards!

Millennium Mills

News of this legendary location's rather imminent demolition triggered a little impromptu urban exploration at the weekend. Even though we only managed to explore the main building before the light began to fade I'm glad to have had the chance to visit this place before [...]

Kate & John | Chelsea

Here are some of my favourite shots from Kate & John’s wedding day in a sun-bathed Chelsea. These two must be one of the happiest pairings I’ve photographed this year, but I guess they did have something special to smile about!